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Шалунишка Тео

Шалунишка Тео

"Драйзер женился в 1898 г. на Саре Уайт, с которой разошёлся в 1909 году.
С 1919 года Драйзер стал жить со своей двоюродной сестрой Хелен Ричардсон (1894—1955), на которой в конце концов женился в 1944 году.
After proposing in 1893, he married Sara Osborne White on December 28, 1898. They ultimately separated in 1909, partly as a result of Dreiser's infatuation with Thelma Cudlipp, the teenage daughter of a colleague, but were never formally divorced.[7] In 1913, he began a romantic relationship with the actress and painter Kyra Markham (who was much younger than he).[8][9] In 1919, Dreiser met his cousin Helen Patges Richardson (1894-1955) with whom he began an affair.[10] Through the following decades, she remained the constant woman in his life, as other more temporary love affairs (such as his 1930s affair with his secretary Clara Jaeger) bloomed and perished.[11] Helen tolerated Dreiser's affairs, and they eventually married on June 13, 1944.[10]
Dreiser was going to return from his first European vacation on the Titanic but was talked out of going by an English publisher who recommended he board a cheaper boat.[

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    "Женщине легче раздеться перед мужчиной, чем перед другой женщиной. Женщина заметит все недостатки, а мужчина будет просто благодарен".

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    "Чтобы лучше рассмотреть лицо матери, младенец, соответственно, глядит слева направо из обычного положения при кормлении или убаюкивании.…

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