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Noa Pothoven

"Noa Pothoven was born in 2001 in Arnhem and is the eldest of three siblings. She became known in the media in The Netherlands as a result of her autobiography, which was published when Pothoven was 16 years old.[5]

In December 2018, De Gelderlander published an interview with Pothoven and her family about her autobiography and Pothoven's wish to have euthanasia. The headline used for the article was 'Noa (16) from Arnhem is already done with her destroyed life'. The interview concerns Pothoven's battle with PTSD as a result of rape, anorexia, self-harm and her disappointment about being refused euthanasia in the Netherlands after 20 hospitalisations due to several suicide attempts. Euthanasia was declined to Pothoven based on her age.[6] Pothoven wrote her autobiography 'Winnen of Leren' (English: 'Winning or Learning') during her hospitalisations, among others while in civil commitment. Pothoven told Vice (magazine) that the book started out as a diary and that she eventually published it to break stigma surrounding mental health.
Noa's family responded in the Dutch media about their regrets that it has been suggested in foreign media that their daughter died from active euthanasia. The Pothoven family stated they wanted 'radio silence' but said they 'hope that her story serves a higher purpose and that help provided to vulnerable young people with psychological problems in the Netherlands will be improved. Noa pleaded for an institution where young people like herself can go for both the psychological and physical help they need.'[15]

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