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Американская трагедия

Американская трагедия

Если верить иноземным буквам, вскоре после Международного женского дня случилось странное.

24 летний мальчег дешевым грузовичком стукнул "Кадиллак", припаркованный у домика. Из последнего, нехотя выполз шеф итальянской мафии. Разборка с романтической подоплекой (?) закончилась тем, что 53 летний мущщина, известный в специализированных кругах как "Frank" or "Franky Boy", заполучил в тушку 10 дырок. Хотя и старался укрыться за своей длинной тачкой.
Куда рушится мир??
"Cali died on March 13, 2019, at the age of 53 at Staten Island University Hospital after being shot in front of his home on Hilltop Terrace in the Todt Hill area, at about 9:20 p.m.[22] This was the first murder of a New York crime boss since the 1985 assassination of Paul Castellano. Surveillance video showed a pickup truck striking Cali's parked Cadillac, a subsequent confrontation between the driver and Cali, and then the shooting. Cali had tried to evade the killer by using his vehicle as a shield.[23] He was hit ten times with bullets from a 9 mm handgun.[21]

On March 16, a 24-year-old suspect Anthony Comello was arrested in Brick, New Jersey, by the New York Police Department and US Marshals, to face murder charges on Staten Island.[23] Authorities believe the crime may have been related to a personal dispute (possibly a romantic matter)[24] and not organized crime activity.[25] On April 3, Comello was indicted and was being held in protective custody at an undisclosed New York City correctional facility.[26] On May 10, Comello pleaded not guilty to murder and weapon possession charges. One news report cited unnamed mob experts as stating that he "is almost certainly marked for death". Comello had already texted that his "family is marked".[

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