belkafoto (belkafoto) wrote,

and lobbied hard for it

due to her Marxist and communist sympathies

"The role of Clara was initially going to be reprised by actress Nancy Marchand, later of Lou Grant and The Sopranos fame, who had portrayed the character in the television version. However, actress Betsy Blair was interested in playing the role and lobbied hard for it.

At the time, Blair, who was married to actor Gene Kelly, had been blacklisted due to her Marxist and communist sympathies. It was only through the lobbying of Kelly, who used his major star status and connections at MGM to pressure United Artists, that Blair got the role. Reportedly, Kelly threatened to pull out of the film It's Always Fair Weather if Blair did not get the role of Clara
«Marty», 1955.
«Марти» – исключительно удачный камерный фильм с семью актёрами и четырьмя декорациями. Делберт Манн снимает фильм в очень подходящей для сюжета манере.

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