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"В США казнят Лизу Монтгомери, осужденную за убийство беременной и похищение ее ребенка. Как сообщает Associated Press, она станет первой заключенной, казненной властями США, за более чем шесть десятилетий.

В 2004 году жительница штата Канзас Лиза Монтгомери задушила веревкой 23-летнюю Бобби Джо Стиннетт, находящуюся на восьмом месяце беременности, после чего разрезала ее живот кухонным ножом и похитила ее дочь. Впоследствии Монтгомери попыталась выдать младенца за своего ребенка.

Убийство произошло в доме у погибшей в городе Скидмор в штате Миссури. Злоумышленница приехала к ней под предолгом покупки щенка.
Bobbie Jo Stinnett (December 4, 1981 – December 16, 2004) was a 23-year-old American pregnant woman found murdered in her home in Skidmore, Missouri. The accused, Lisa Marie Montgomery[1], then 36, was convicted of strangling Stinnett from behind and then removing the woman's unborn child, eight months into gestation, from her womb. The child was later safely recovered by authorities.
Investigation results

Bobbie Jo Stinnett was eight months pregnant with her first child. She and her husband ran a dog-breeding business from their residence.[4] Montgomery met Stinnett online in a Rat Terrier chatroom called "Ratter Chatter."[5]

It is known that Stinnett was expecting the arrival in Skidmore, Missouri of prospective buyers for a terrier at about the time of her murder.[6] Montgomery told Stinnett that she, too, was pregnant, leading to the two women chatting online and exchanging e-mails about their pregnancies.[6]:155 Additionally, there was no sign of forced entry. Authorities now believe that Montgomery, posing as customer "Darlene Fischer," arranged to visit Stinnett's house on that day. On December 16, 2004, Montgomery entered the house, strangled Stinnett, and cut the premature infant from her womb.[4]

It was speculated that Montgomery's motivation stemmed from a miscarriage she may have suffered and subsequently concealed from her family.[7] How or whether Montgomery had recently become pregnant is unclear. Montgomery's former husband has since told authorities that she underwent a tubal ligation in 1990, and that she had a history of falsely telling acquaintances that she was pregnant.[8]
The case

Stinnett was discovered by her mother, Becky Harper, in a pool of blood about an hour after the assault.[9] Harper immediately called 9-1-1. Harper described the wounds inflicted upon her daughter as appearing as if her "stomach had exploded".[10] Attempts by paramedics to revive Stinnett were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville.[11]

The next day, December 17, 2004, Montgomery was arrested at her farmhouse in Melvern, Kansas, where the newborn had been claimed as her own and was recovered.[12] The day-old baby was placed in the custody of her father.[13]

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