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Alamo Bay

((Фильм "Залив Аламо" (Alamo Bay) довольно оперативно прореагировал на тему расизма, который, как оказывается, все еще имеет место в оплоте демократии.
О том, что вьетнамцев недолюбливали не только в Москве, но и в далеком Техасе, я услышал впервые.))

"1979 год. В небольшом городке Аламо штата Техас жизнь течет по своему сценарию. Появление в порту беженцев-вьетнамцев неизбежно приводит к конфликту с местными рыбаками, которым не нравится, что чужаки занимаются промыслом на их территории. Сорвиголова Шенк пытается любыми способами изгнать чужестранцев из Аламо. Но дело принимает неожиданный оборот, когда его любимая девушка встает на их защиту...

1979 incident
Seadrift is remembered for a killing that took place on August 3, 1979.[9] Prior to this date there had been several negative racial incidents between local white citizens and Vietnamese refugees. As the central area relied heavily on the commercial fishing industry for income, many native whites felt threatened by the increasing number of Vietnamese. On the night of August 3, 1979, a fight broke out between Billy Joe Aplin, 35-year-old crabber and Sau Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese crabber which ended with the fatal shooting of Aplin. Within hours of the shooting, several Vietnamese boats were burned and there was an attempted bombing of a crab plant that employed Vietnamese workers.[10] Sau Van Nguyen and his brother Chinh Nguyen were tried for murder and acquitted on the grounds of self-defense.[11] The incident inspired the creation of both the 1981 documentary Fire on the Water and the 1985 film Alamo Bay. In January 2019, Title 8 Productions, LLC premiered an independent documentary called, Seadrift, in Park City Utah. It continues to be screened throughout the United States.,_Texas
"SEADRIFT, Tex., Aug. 8 — An ugly, long‐simmering feud between Texas fishermen and Vietnamese refugees in this small town has finally exploded with killing, several firebombings and an attempted bombing in the last five days.

The violence began Friday night, when a fisherman named Billy Joe Aplin, 35 years old, was shot to death after a fight with several Vietnamese fishermen. Within hours, several Vietnamese boats were burned, and last night there was an attempted bombing of a crab plant that employs Vietnamese workers.

The small town of Seadrift (about 1,200 population) is now so tense that the murder victim's brother calls it a “powder keg,” and local fishermen say they are prepared to drive the Vietnamese out.

In any case, the Vietnamese are leaving town now. Since Billy Joe Aplin was killed and a Vietnamese was charged with the murder, more than 100 of the 150 Vietnamese have slipped away. They are believed to have headed clown the coast to Rockport, but there is already trouble between the Vietnamese newcomers and the other fishermen.

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