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Мартовские Иды

Мартовские Иды и рекорд Гиннесса

(зашла речь о прекрасной еврейке)

In 1940 she left France during the German invasion, and made her way to England via Algeria and Morocco. There she helped wounded Free French soldiers until 1944. Walter Guinness, her long-term occasional boyfriend and sponsor, remained supportive, providing a suite at the Ritz Hotel, until he was assassinated by the Stern Gang in late 1944

Walter Edward Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne DSO & Bar PC (29 March 1880 – 6 November 1944) was an Anglo-Irish politician and businessman. He served as the British minister of state in the Middle East until November 1944, when he was assassinated by the Jewish terrorist group Lehi. The assassination of Lord Moyne sent shock waves through Palestine and the rest of the world

Lehi (Hebrew pronunciation: [ˈleχi]; Hebrew: לח"י – לוחמי חרות ישראלLohamei Herut Israel - Lehi, "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel - Lehi"), commonly referred to in English as the Stern Gang,[9][10][11][12] was a militant Zionist group founded by Avraham ("Yair") Stern in the British Mandate of Palestine.[13] Its avowed aim was forcibly evicting the British authorities from Palestine, allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state. It was initially called the National Military Organization in Israel,[1] upon being founded in August 1940, but was renamed Lehi one month later


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